Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Hixson Elementary School will provide a safe, nurturing, rigorous learning environment to meet student needs and cultivate productive citizens.

At Hixson Elementary:
• Everyone contributes and is productively engaged.
• Learning experiences maximize achievement for all students.
• Productive work habits and positive character traits are established.


We believe that:

• The use of research based practices, information, and data are necessary to drive instructional decisions.

• High student expectations sustain maximized student performance.

• All children learn at proficient levels or beyond in a safe, non-threatening, and rigorous educational environment.

• A sustaining focus of student learning achievement is grounded in policies and procedures that comply with local, state, and federal policies.

• Shared decision-making involves all stakeholders through the use of internal and external communication.

• Teacher collaboration in a professional learning community ensures high student performance and rigorous classroom instruction.

• The school recognizes the importance of diversity and promotes active participation among all stakeholders; students, teachers, support staff, parents, and the community.

• By providing a quality education for all students we meet the individual needs of students.
• A high performing learning culture includes students, teachers, and all stakeholders.

We encourage your active support and participation in our efforts. The success of your child at Hixson is a joint responsibility of the school, our community, and you, as a parent.

We ask you to help keep the lines of communication open. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to join the PTA and become an active volunteer at the school. With your encouragement and assistance, our goals for each child will become a reality.

We are happy to have you and your child with us at Hixson Elementary School.

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