Connie Rutherford

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Mrs. Connie Rutherford

Connie Rutherford

I can barely sleep, tossing and turning through the night. In the morning, I'm too excited to eat an energizing breakfast, but my new outfit is ready to be worn with pride. My sparkly, perfectly unused supplies are ready to be used up. My heart pounds as I anxiously await my first opportunity to meet my new friends as they walk down the hall to my class. I love the first day of school - even more than Christmas morning! I am always as excited, if not more, than my precious students. I have the pleasure of teaching 4th grade reading, writing, spelling, and grammar or English Language Arts (ELA). I graduated from Western Illinois University with a BS in Education and minoring in reading education. I have had the privilege to teach in 6 states for 21 years so far.

The handsome, gray bearded man is my husband of 39 years, Jeff Rutherford. We are at Mount Baker, Washington during fall break. Traveling is our favorite hobby. We have a daughter who is an attorney who lives here in Chattanooga with her family, and our son is a glass artist who is traveling the country with his family in an RV. I love to play with my three granddaughters, shop, organize, decorate, eat out, create lesson plans, and read mysteries - in that order! I am so blessed to earn a living doing what I love - building positive relationships with my students and helping them learn.

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