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Connie Rutherford Staff Photo

I graduated from Western Illinois University, with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education (Pre-K through Grade 8). Every year I enjoy participating in any professional development opportunities to help me best teach and support each of my unique students.


My husband's job, moved us to many different states. I've taught grades K through 4, starting before my children were born, stopping to raise them, then starting over again. I've taught in Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, Virginia, North Carolina and of course, Tennessee where we hope to make a permanent home. Teaching in so many different states has truly broadened my experience.


Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, where all my family still resides, people here tell me I have an accent! As a senior in high school, I worked in a bank across the street from the Sears Tower, now Willis Tower, as it was being built. Incredible to see! I am a teacher because of a wonderful, caring, kind and wise teacher who elevated my spirit and knowledge. She's still a friend and her greatest advice to me has been, "Be careful not to hurt any hearts." My husband and I were married just after I graduated from college. We have two children. Our son Jeffrey and his beautiful wife have blessed us with two beautiful granddaughters. They live too far away in Tucson, AZ. Our daughter Lauren is married to a great guy and she is a  practicing attorney. The empty nest has been great fun. My husband and I travel, bicycle, walk and he likes to shop! Life is good.