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Claire Mott Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Third Grade


In 2004 I moved to Chattanooga to begin my college career. I graduated in 2008 with my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. I decided to pursue my education further and received my M.Ed. Elementary Education in 2010. 


I am in my sixth year of teaching at Hixson Elementary. I taught kindergarten for two years before moving to third grade. I loved my experience teaching kindergarten and I am thoroughly enjoying my time in third grade.


I feel blessed to have the opportunity to teach and be a part of my student's lives.  I am an avid reader and take great joy in watching my students get excited about the same books I read when I was their age. My teaching philosophy is that it is up to the teacher to set the example of learning. I truly believe that by showing my students the excitement I have for learning will only foster their excitement and interest to learn.