Fine, Julie Principal
Greene, Ursula Assistant Principal

Brown, Kat 5th Grade
Brown, Mary Exceptional Education
Burton, Riquel Exceptional Education
Caruso, Maggie Kindergarten
Cate, Christy 3rd Grade
Clark, Christian 5th Grade
Coffee, Misty 2nd Grade
DeShazo, Lindsey 2nd Grade
Elrod, Cathy 2nd Grade
Epperson, Rebekah STEAM Lab Teacher
Evans, Tanya Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
Harlan, Brandi 2nd Grade
Hillis, Gretchen Alternative Behavior Class
Hoelke, Sarah Librarian
Holt, Heather HES
Hoover, Jessica ESOL
Lawson, Sue 5th Grade
Lombardi, Carol 1st Grade
Marsh, Katie 1st Grade
Mott, Claire 1st Grade
Myers, Thuy ESOL
Myers, Whitney 1st Grade
Powell, Kendall Kindergarten
Rutherford, Connie 4th Grade
Samarin, Sarah Teacher of the Hearing Impaired
Skahan, Mary 4th Grade
Smalley , Lauren 5th Grade
Sparks, Danielle 4th Grade
Stanley, Kelina 3rd Grade
Stroud, Karol HES
Warren, Julia 3rd Grade
White, Fran Kindergarten
Winesburgh, Alexandria 3rd Grade
Wood, Aaron Physical Education Teacher
Wood, Melony Ex. Ed. Transition Classroom

Bryant, Theresa Clerical Assistant
Cagle, Cindy Paraprofessional
Calbaugh, Amy School Counselor
Carr, Hannah Educational Interpreter
Estrada, Priscilla Related Arts Interventionist - Strings
Gonzalez, Rosa Parent Volunteer Coordinator
Hawkins, Amanda Computer Educational Assistant
Keeble, Tarasita Nurse
McCullah, Wendy Education Assistant
Orr, Sharon Educational Interpreter
Rankhorn, Tammy Assistant
Taylor, Stephanie Secretary
Wilkey, Brittany Educational Interpreter
Wilson, Amanda Educational Interpreter
Windrow, Alison School Psychologist

Irwin, Christian Speech Language Pathologist