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  Class Schedule  

Our school hours are 8:45 AM to 3:45 PM. With the exception of children in the Child Care program, students may not enter into the building until 8:20 AM. Students arriving before this time must remain on the bus with the driver or in their cars until entry time. No one is on duty to supervise students until 8:20 AM.

Students eating breakfast sit at the tables closest to the stage, beginning with 5th grade. They do not leave their seats except to put away their trays. Students are to remain seated in the cafeteria or gym until they are dismissed by the duty teacher at 8:40. Students not eating breakfast should go directly to the gym and sit behind their grade level cone. At 8:40, students are to go directly to their classroom where they will be greeted by staff members. Students are tardy after 8:50 AM. Tardy students must be accompanied to the office by a parent to obtain a tardy slip before entering class. Three tardies will be treated as one absence for report card purposes and awarding perfect attendance. Early dismissals will be recorded as absences on report cards and for awarding perfect attendance when the accumulated times exceeds one-half day. Late arrivals or early dismissals will hinder a student's completion of the school day and may cause missing a vital lesson or assignment.


Car riders and walkers are dismissed at 3:40 PM. Bus riders and SACC students are dismissed at 3:45 PM, beginning with K-2 and then 3-5. If you change the way your child will return home, a note indicating the change and days effective should be sent to the teacher.


Car riders are to be picked up in the back of the building in the car line. Please do not park in the front or side parking lots during arrival or dismissal since this interferes with traffic flow and the bus loading zone. *We request that parents stay in the car line and not come to the entrance to get children. Parents who park and enter the building to pick up their child impede safety and the dismissal process for all students.   Parents on the sidewalk beside the cafeteria make it difficult for students to get to their assigned space to wait. Parents of car riders will be provided an official numbered Hixson car tag to hang on the rear view mirror.* Please help your child learn his/her number. Students will not be placed in cars without proper Hixson tags. Detailed information will be provided when you obtain your car tag.
If special circumstances exist, please discuss this with the principal so other arrangements can be made. For safety reasons, teachers will not be opening or closing car doors. Please have your child practice getting in and out of your vehicles independently. The dismissal rules are for the safety of every child at Hixson. We appreciate your cooperation.